xJaydreamerx’s Commissions

Howdy! My name is Jaidyn, but you can call me Jay! If you’re here, you’re probably looking for my commission prices. Here they are! I’ll also leave a link to a page about myself here as well!

Full bodies

Full Body - $10
+$2 shading/lighting


Headshot - $5
+$2 shading/lighting


Chibis - $7
+$2 shading/lighting


Pride Flag - $9
Wheeze - $5
Drinks/Big Brain/Fuck Yeah/How You Doin?(Also known as Finger Guns) - $7
Pride Cape/Blanket - $10

Reference Sheets

Simple Reference Sheet - $12 (fullbody + headshot, paw pads, and color palette)
+$5 per extra full body
+$3 per extra (headshot/accessory/body part)

P.S. My friend swift drew the crest in shale’s ref and the bandana in Tori’s ref below.

Positive Banner Headshots

Headshot with Positive word banner - $7
+$2 for items surrounding banner/on character (like the flowers on Tori’s, The swords and bandana on Luka’s, and The goggles+bandana on Cypress’s!)
+$2 shading/lighting


I have the right to refuse a commission.
If it’s something I can’t or won’t draw, I will most-likely turn down said commission. However, if you’re not sure it fits in either can or can’t draw, feel free to ask me. I also can turn it down if I’m uncomfortable with what you’d like to be drawn.
I will not start until payment is sent.
I do not start a commission until I have been sent payment for said commission. If I somehow cannot finish your commission, you will be refunded.

(More TBA later)

I can/will draw -
Blood/Gore (still practicing this specifically but Yee)
Characters made of Goo (cause it’s fun to draw)
Hamsters (hamtaro or not)
Other creatures - open or closed species (as long as it’s an animal, feel free to ask me and I’ll see if I can do it or not!)

I can’t/won’t draw -
NSFW (at least for now- I want to eventually but I will need a lot of practice)
Robots (I don’t mind characters that have a robotic arm or leg, but if they’re entirely robotic then heck no I legit can’t)
Skeletons (I just have like- no practice with them)
Humans (I really need a lot more practice tbh)